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To Lela
Get basic outline.
Chapter 1- description of Zane. Describe the palpable electricity pulsating through the two of them.
Conversation with Lela that gets interrupted by mom. Seaway to Describe moms history/personality.

80000-89000 words for book

She meets 1 at CD store
Decompresses with Lela
Tattoo explanation
Burst of tech to save life on earth
Devastating disease
contamination= markings
Sustainability of earth
Generational markings
Goes 4 coffee w 1
Start hanging out as friends
Meet 2 at party
Drunken blabbering
Lela leaves cause keegan is sick
1 night stand= tattoo discovery-freaks out
Lela suggests casual relationship
Hangs out with 1
Sends him home
Talks to Lela
Lela calls cousin
Hatch a plan to date 2 and just remain friends with 1
Takes 2 Home tel meet family since he doesn't have one for holidays
Talks to bro while home
When back fight with 2
1 supports
She focuses on school while 2 tries to make up for being an ass
2 takes he out to celebrate school ending soon
2 asks to make if official
As she says yes 1 interrupts and reveals his match
Passes out
Wakes up in hospital
Family there
1 explains why he didn't tell her
Goes home. Makes decision based off of love
Boy 2 says he isn't going anywhere
Book ends