The Princess of Manhattan

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Needless to say, it was a typical Friday night in Manhattan. Nightfall overcome by the light emitting from its stretching, sparkling towers, filled with its citizens dinning, dancing, and laughing the night away. Specifically the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was hosting East High's annual Charity Ball.
"Look at that. How pathetic." Bella said with disgust, eyeing Heather, flirting with Van in the lounge area.
"Oh relax, he's not paying attention to her." Gigi waved off, "You know he likes you."
"I guess. But he doesn't do anything about it." Bella bitterly said, still giving her a dangerous, distasteful stare.
"What do you mean? He sure acts like it. Also you guys went to dinner together."
"Yeah but that doesn't count. Tiffany and Luke were with us."
Bella and Gigi's conversation was completely oblivious to Leia, who was also eyeing Van being flirted with.
 Ridiculous. Who does she think she is, talking with him. Not that he cares. Or