Light n Dark

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The story starts with beginning of the universe. A small child founded in slum by a old man. Who was actually a fighter in his young time. The hole world was suffering due to some evil creatchers and monsters. Old man named master di- yan is also a country's respected person. He took that boy to home and make him grow up. The boy was extra ordinary as he grow up continue to hear stories of world he decide to become a greatest fighter and remove darkness from the world. He started to learn knowledge and fighting from master di-yang but after knowing truth behind his Barth he kicked him from home also he give him a message stay alive and keep go on your way. From then that boy started his adventure with suspance of his birth. On the way he find lots of friends. Oh wait he got 5 lives and discover lots of amazing things. Unlock the secrets of universe and become king. In the way there are lots of creatures who chosen side of light or dark. Whose side u will chose..... WELL OUR HERO CHOSE BOTH AND ABLE TO FIND TRUTH BEHIND TRUTH. the ultimate power and knowledge is on next dore.