Sweep the back yard

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Nico is playing his XBOX ONE. His mom comes in and asks if her would sweep the back patio. He reluctantly agrees but we can see he is struggling with the idea.

He keeps playing. When his mom asks again, he snaps! He throws down the controller. From behind him he hears his own voice. He turns. It's an evil version of himself. The evil him pick sup a airsoft gun and it turns into a real m4. He fires through the ceiling!

Nico freaks and dives for his pistol then backs out the door.

"You ain't gonna sweep that patio!"

Running gun battle ensued!

It ends up on the patio in a John Woo style showdown. They are frozen.

Comm cycle about how they are part of each other. Both sides need each other. He can't shoot the evil part. It's unnatural. Nico considers it.

Mom goes "Nico!"

It scares him, he fires the evil him dies.

Mom "what are you doing? Are you going to do the patio?"

Yes mom. He looks down. No evil him. Stick his pistol in his pocket and graphs a broom. Fade out.