Everywriter windows 4.8.x download

The Lastest Version



New feature


- Cloud give more page info.

- Book copy.

- IPhoneX fit

- UI optimization

- Private book catalog


Bug fix


- Scroll more insensitivity

- Preview more .

- Outline error when more than 200 chapters 

- Outline confirm when delete element


- Optimization for small screen phone



New features

* New UI design, more user-friendly operation

* New book, author and local book search

* User input enhancement, book formatting enhancement

* IPad friendly

* Each chapter and section can export 

* Modify password

* Get share link


New features
1)Import or export in mobile device
2)Share by mail attachment
3)Export .docx file format(only support desktop edit)
4)More fonts support

Bug fix
1)Lost data when find back or import
2)Multi-language select


New features
1) Writing page layout can anchor
2) Open source .ewr format
Bug fix


New features
1) More publisher api interface
2) Author can fully select publishers to publish
3) Use System default font
Bug fix
1) Some device error when sharing
2) Some device error when reading


New features
1) One key to publish your book to a lot of publishers 2) Publisher API, easy to get our authors,books and eyes 3) Support 3d touch
Bug fix 1) high resolution support 2) tablet and landscape support 3) TV script template error 4) Comments pop-up error


New features
1) Add guidance, fast comments, wallet module 
2) Picture and book upload and download optimization
3) Mobile push
4) Book history

Bug fix
1) Sign in invalid
2) Small screen display
3) Message click
4) Others


New features
1) Diagram shows the actor's relationship
2) Chapters add inspiration when writing
3) List ranking
4) New ancient classification
Bug fix
1) User Id and password login
2) Fast comments



New features
1) Comments center,fast reply from message
2) Add new "Best" catalog
3) Feedback can search
4) Add "Clear user cache" function in Settings
Bug fix
1) Wrong when user delete an actor in design page. 
2) Export to docx with scene number


New features
1) Words detection
2) Address memory when writing script
Bug fix
1) Actor description can use more paragraphs 
2) Export to docx with scene number


New features
1) optimization design and writing input speed
2) writing page add custom icons mark
3) update from promo codes
Bug changes
1) device synchronization error
2) new message notification error



New features

1) chapter and section can turn to each other

2) writing page provides submenu and words count

3) script provides subtitle

4) input box provides text-indent feature

5) sharing book with cover picture

6) new node add to the next place of  current node 



export book can be sent through email to other people or devices


Bug fix

pop-up in outline design page unavailable error

other bugs




1) Fix book length and publish bug

2) Fix some color error in cool theme

3) Optimization chapter list UI




1) User can adjust the window size.

2) User can use cut,past,redo,undo when input



1) Add new novel format -talk story .easy to make your chat records to a novel.

2) Add more actor picture,emotion picture and content picture.

3) Add write input assistant.

4) Add new novel album.

5) Add new user guide with video and book.

6) Add new feedback and bug report.

7) More samples,templates and export,import.

8) Bug fix.





New features

1) new ebook creation.

2) new script creation.

3) lost book recover.

4) advanced import and export.

5) bug fixes.




New features


1) Activity. free update to professional.

2) Publishers. you can communicate with publisher online.

3) Find - Bookmark. Create or favor  bookmark that touches your heart.

4) Find - Venom. five minutes funny time everyday.

5) Find - Album. book list. Subscription or create book list。

6) Find - Leisure. a small game for you after writing.

7) New theme "pink ladies"。

8) Everywriter cloud for professional user.



Bug fix


1)more human nature on design and write.

2)get book comments even in local book。

3)make all sample book to a new tag。

4)other bugs.




New features

1) New theme "Pink ladies"

Bug fix

1) More Human nature in writing module

 2) other bugs.





new features:

1) Discovery - recipe.  album.  friends. editor.

2) One subscription, four platforms Professional Edition synchronization.

3) provide everywriter cloud to your book(beta version).

3) Good performance and quality cover design.

4) Drop-down list refresh.

5) Read history auto saved.

bug fixes




1) upload and view HD cover.

2) recored user history and read state.

3) more publish features.



1) new cover disign function

2) new cloud storage function

3) bug fix



It won't let me download and I have no idea why.

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